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First show is held at the James Whitbey Farm on Carroll Road northwest of Fort Wayne.

1954: The organization is incorporated as “The Old Time Threshers and Sawmill Operators Association.”


  • James Whitbey passes away. 
  • The 27 th Annual and Last “Old Time Threshers and Sawmill Operators Association” show is held at the Whitbey farm.


  • The association is reorganized as the “Maumee Valley Antique Steam & Gas Association”.
  • The show is moved to the Jefferson Township Park east of New Haven.
  • The first year is spent getting grounds cleared for the first show.  Very few trees were present and the only building was the   park pavilion.

1981: Irvin Bandelier is named first Honorary Director.


  • 1946 Mack firetruck is obtained from the Casad Depot.   It is used to pump water from the pond for the steam engines.
  • First tractor pull track is installed on the north side of show grounds.
  • The 5 th annual show is dedicated to memory of John H. Nahrwold who passed away in 1979.


  • The 6 th annual show is dedicated to Irvin Bandelier.
  • Electrical service and lights are installed.  Donated trees are planted on show grounds and park.
  • Flagpole is installed in front of park pavilion.
  • The large water wagon is built.


  • Antique car show is held at Jefferson Township Park in the spring.
  • The sawmill is bought from Helen Nahrwold installed at the show grounds.
  • The 7 th annual show is dedicated to Oscar Schuller.

1985: More donated ash trees are planted.

1986: New Haven Canal Days, held at Jefferson Township Park in June, is rained-out.


  • John Deere is the first feature tractor brand at the annual show.
  • First year of the Quilt and Craft Show.

1988: Oliver "Red River Special " separator and IHC stationary baler are donated to the association.

1989: The Crook-Miller Company of Hicksville, Ohio donates the Chuse stationary steam engine.  Volunteers disassemble engine and store it at the show grounds.


  • Case is the feature tractor brand.
  • Helen Brigham, great-granddaughter of J.I. Case, comes to the 13 th annual show.
  • McCormick grain reaper is donated to the association.


  • The sawmill and senior citizen buildings are built with donated materials.  Tents had been used for the senior citizen area prior to this.
  • Sawdust conveyor for sawmill is installed.
  • The association purchases and renovates wooden bleachers.
  • Tractor pull scales are donated and installed.


  • Volunteers tear down a barn at Edgerton, IN for salvage lumber to be used for future projects.
  • Additions are made to the sawmill and senior citizens buildings.


  • Denny Lewellen. in memory of his son, Daniel, donates foundation for the Chuse steam engine.
  • Chuse engine is assembled for static display.
  • The dump station for campers is installed.
  • More lights are installed in the north field.

1994: A 3-bottom IHC plow is donated.


  • Herman Schnelker donates an old storage building to the association.  The organization pays for the building to be removed and rebuilt at the park.  It becomes the association's office/quilt building.
  • A concrete floor is installed in the senior citizen building.
  • The old loading dock is removed to make room for the new office building and a new loading dock is built.
  • The 1 st Sheppard Diesel tractor reunion and Sheppard club organization is held during the 18 th annual show.
  • Volunteers remove 2 Kewanee steam boilers from the former powerhouse of Casad depot.  One of the boilers is brought to the show grounds.


  • The current association logo is adopted.
  • Maumee Valley Steam & Gas Engine Association co-hosts the first Winter Tractor & Engine Show with the National Automotive & Truck Museum at Auburn, IN in March.
  • The feature display building, donated by James Nahrwold, is erected at the park.
  • The 19 th annual summer show hosts the “Hoosier Co-op Jamboree”.
  • The first annual Maumee Valley Steam  & Gas Engine Association  "Model Engine & Toy Show " is held in October.


  • First year that the association has a “give away” tractor fundraiser.  A donated John Deere “H” is restored and given away.  The former 4-H grounds are rented from the park.
  • The wood frame sawmill is rebuilt with steel.
  • The roof on the office/quilt building is resealed and an insulated ceiling is installed in the front half of the building.
  • The kiddy tractor pull sled is built.


  • The tractor pull track is moved to the new south grounds.
  • A new roof is put on the tractor pull building.
  • Lights and electrical updates are made to the south grounds.
  • The floor is concreted in the back half of the office/quilt building.
  • A Nichols and Shepard grain separator is donated to the association.
  • Salvaged building material is donated for reuse as an engine building.
  • The 21 st annual show hosts “The Oliver Gang” summer show and has the Peterson 1904 Hart-Parr 22-40, one of the oldest running gasoline tractors in the United States.
  • Stephanie Bauer is married at the show in front of the park pavilion.


  • The 7 th annual Winter Tractor and Engine Show is moved from the NATMUS Museum to the Kruse Auction Park due to space constraints at NATMUS.
  • Volunteers finish the interior of the back half of the office/quilt building.
  • Lights are installed for evening tractor pulls.
  • The 22 nd annual show hosts the Indiana Chapter of the International Harvester Collectors.
  • Wendell and Mary Kelch’s newly restored 1917 30-60 Titan is featured at the show.


  • The shower building is completed for the park.
  • A 36’ X 96’ engine building is built over the Chuse engine.
  • The coalbunker is built from donated railroad bridge timbers.
  • More lights are added to the south grounds.
  • The first shuttle wagon is built.
  • “Lesser-known Classics” are featured and over 130 feature brand tractors, including a Pioneer 30, are at the 23 rd annual summer show.


  • The 7 th Annual Winter Tractor and Engine Show co-hosts the Hart-Parr Oliver Collector’s Association National Winter Convention with “The Oliver Gang”.
  • Electrical updates are made to the main show grounds along with the engine building being wired.
  • A concrete foundation and an ash pit is built for the Kewanee boiler and a smoke stack is donated.
  • The tractor pull scales are re-installed by the tractor pull track.
  • A windmill, Baker separator, and a commercial welder are donated to the association.
  • The 24 th annual show featured Minneapolis-Moline and Empire.


  • The 25 th Anniversary of the Maumee Valley Antique Steam & Gas Association.
  • The 8 th annual winter show hosts the J. I. Case Collector’s Association National Winter Convention.
  • A new metal roof and a concrete floor are installed for the James Nahrwold feature building.
  • A new metal roof is installed on the senior citizens building.
  • A well is installed on the show grounds for the concessions and steam engines.
  • Two new shuttle wagons are built.
  • The Kewanee steam boiler and smokestack are installed.
  • The 25 th annual show featured items that were at the first show 25 years before and the B.F. Avery Collectors and Associates Summer National show.


  • The 9 th annual winter show hosts both the Prairie Gold Rush (Minneapolis-Moline) and B.F. Avery Collectors and Associates National Winter Conventions.
  • The new 40’ X 60’ entertainment pavilion is built.
  • A furnace is installed in the office/quilt building and a 1,000-gallon L.P. tank is donated.
  • The 26 th annual show hosted the International J.I.Case Heritage Foundations 17 th Annual Exposition.  Our largest summer show to date.


  • The 10 th Annual Winter Tractor and Engine Show hosts the “IH Spring Round-up” put on by the Ohio (Chapter 6), Indiana (Chapter 7), Central Illinois (Chapter 10), and Michigan (Chapter 11) chapters of the International Harvester Collectors.  Our largest winter show to date.
  • The Indiana Blacksmith Association establishes a satellite group at New Haven and constructs a blacksmith building for the club.
  • A new log deck is built and installed.
  • An exterior air conditioning unit is donated and air conditioning is installed in the office/quilt building.
  • A club web presence is established at “maumeevalley .org”
  • The 27 th annual show features Allis-Chalmers / Advance-Rumely and related companies.


  • The 11 th Annual Winter Tractor and Engine show will feature Allis-Chalmers / Advance Rumely and related companies.
  • Maumee Valley hosted the first National Sheppard show in 1995.


  • The 12th annual Winter Tractor Show features Garden Tractors and Massey-Harris and Massey Ferguson tractors and realted companies. We host the "Vintage Garden Tractor Club of America Winter Expo" and the "Indiana Massey Collectors Association's Sprint Meeting."
  • the 29th summer show features Cockshutt, Co-op, and Huber. We host the "Hoosier Co-op Jamboree."
  • Brewer's Sound is hired to put up a temporary sound system and Rick Brewer announces at the show for the first time.


  • The 13th annual Winter Tractor Show features John Deere tractors & equipment.
  • the 30th summer show features John Deere and host the "Tri-State Two Cylinder Club."


The Maumee Valley Steam & Gas Association would not be what it is today without our dedicated volunteers. A tremendous amount of work and many donations have made this possible. We have had a successful 27 years and are looking forward to many new and exciting projects for the future.


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